About us

Classic Car Restoration Center was founded by genuine enthusiasts of old cars. By people who treat their work as a hobby – putting their heart and dedicating all their time to rescuing classic cars.

We have completely restored numerous historic cars – we have the knowledge and skills required for repairing and reviving most classic models. We specialise in Alfa Romeo, also restoring and repairing such makes as: Fiat, Porsche, Jaguar, Triumph and Aston Martin.

Taking pride in our 20 years' experience, we can bring back the glory of cars in practically any technical condition. We repair and restore all car elements: bodies, including bodywork and paintwork (if necessary, we can reconstruct body elements from scratch), chrome-plated components, wooden elements (steering wheels, dashboards, instrument panels, consoles, floors, and even wooden body parts), upholstery, seats, mechanical components of all kinds – engines, gearboxes (also automatic transmission), differentials, drive shafts.

We collaborate with many specialist firms, ensuring truly comprehensive service. This guarantees outstanding final effects, while the Client cooperates with only one company.